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According to an ancient Aztec legend, Quetzalcoatl wished to answer the prayers of humans and decided to give them his most precious gift. It was then that he proffered a handful of cocoa beans.

From that day on it was transformed into a sacred foodstuff, enjoyed by emperors and princes, who called it Xhocolha, food of the spirit.

Montezuma gave it to Hernán Cortés as a peace offering, and the conquistador introduced it to the Spanish court, where — mixed with spices, fruit, sugar or milk — it became the chocolate we know today, which was introduced by the Spanish to Switzerland, Belgium and rest of Europe.



This dates back to the eighteenth century. The court confectioner of Louis XIV, better known as the Sun King, responding to one of the monarch's requests prepared some strawberries bathed in chocolate for the King, who exclaimed "bon, bon", signalling his approval of the delicacy, and thus the name was born.